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As Filipinos, we could all agree on how important education is. We believe that education is one of the keys in having a successful and fruitful life. It opens opportunities and equips us with the knowledge and skills that we need. Though we may all have a similar opinion on its importance, we sure have different takes on what is the definition of best education for our children or how they can achieve it.

Parents are more than willing to send their kids to any school just for the sake of their kid’s education. Hearing about the best school in Pasig, Quezon City or in their town totally appeals to them. This puts their mind at ease knowing that the future of their children is secured. But parents have different opinion of what makes a school the best there is. Some may say that exclusive schools give the best education with the state-of-the-art facilities, and advance learning curriculums. Other, though they can afford to pay for a private school, still prefer public schools because environment that can really toughen up a kid. And then there are those who would choose a private catholic school which focuses mainly on moral building.

Studying in a catholic school has its own perks and downsides. The following are some of the things that kids who grew up studying in catholic schools can surely relate to:

Some of your classmates have been your classmates since kindergarten.
  1. You get too excited during PE class because you don’t have to wear regular uniform.
  2. You hated everyone from your school’s rival school.
  3. You call the maintenance guy “manong” and the lady in the canteen as “manang”.
  4. You spend most of the first period reciting the rosary during the month of October.
  5. You were casted as an angel or someone from the Bible during one of your school play.
  6. You’ve seen Jesus of Nazareth.
  7. You know that 2x3 or 3x4 is a haircut.
  8. You know everyone in your year...
  9. …Including who their siblings are.
  10. You know a story about a “haunted” room.
  11. Your parents or grandparents went to the same school.
  12. Next to the bible, the next most important book is the student handbook.
  13. Half of your student handbook is about rules about the uniform.
  14. Wearing the wrong shade of school uniform made you oddly uncomfortable.
  15. Being best in religion is actually a thing.
  16. You know a handful of Bible verses.
  17. Forgetting to bring your rosary is a big deal.
  18. You say “oh my gosh” instead of “oh my God” because you don’t want to put the Lord’s name in vain.
  19. You are tired of hearing Ash Wednesday jokes.
  20. You know a handful of Latin phrases.
  21. Wearing a wristwatch is the farthest you got in accessorising because of school rules.
  22. You have mastered reciting grace in monotone.
  23. You’ve gone to church more than once a week.
  24. You know the lyrics and the hand movements of the Jubilee song.
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Sunday, May 4, 2014

How to Increase Reading Comprehension

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Communication is the most vital part of learning because it is the only way to teach children things they need to learn. Information is delivered thru oral communication but as a child grows up, they will need to develop their written communication to because it is the only one of the two mediums were information is distributed.

So, how can we increase the progress of one’s reading comprehension? Whether a kid or not, aside from reading tutorials, this is the most effective way to increase your reading comprehension.

1.       Read aloud

Noticed it? When we were still in our elementary years, our reading teacher frequently calls a student to read a paragraph from a piece of story? Before, I find it quite boring but actually, it is their way to help us learn in our own little ways. It is because through reading aloud we slowly develop our reading comprehension. Reading aloud helps us to recognize the words through our ears and helps us follow the thought of what we are reading.

2.       Read Slowly and Clearly

If you are asked by your teacher to read a story in front of the class, do not rush to finish the reading material immediately. Make sure to make the habit of reading slowly while understanding it. Reading aloud or silently, this should be practiced.

3.       Read a book

It is true that practice makes perfect. Surely, everything can be accomplished through practice. If everyone would just regularly make a habit of reading a book with commitment it would surely help a reader to increase one’s vocabulary and reading comprehension to.  This would definitely be hard for first time readers as it is not usual for kids nowadays to be engaged with books. To tell you honestly, I was having hard to keep a reading discipline to finish a book. To cover up for it, I read and read lots of articles from the internet everyday usually news.

4.       Watch movies with interesting plot regularly

I know that watching movies cannot be compared to reading books. But if you’re really not into books one way of improving your comprehension is by watching movies. Just watch the movie and be a critic afterwards. Know who is the antagonist and the protagonist, what is it about, what have you learned, write a short summary about it. Do your personal review about it.

5.       Clear all distractions
Imagine reading your favorite story on party with loud songs, everybody’s screaming and shouting while you are reading your favorite reading material? Awkward isn't it? As for my personal experience, I find it to understand what I’m reading while listening to my favorite songs because I get to be carried away by the song. I find it great to study in a quiet and peaceful environment. You can find your own comfort zone where you would be at peace of mind while reading.

6.       Exercise regularly

Sometimes, when the story of what you’re reading is boring you feel sleepy. To address this problem, you can choose to drink coffee or do it the natural way through exercise. Exercise gives the energy that we need throughout the day. It makes the blood inside us to circulate efficiently bringing in oxygen and nutrients. 

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